Natural Makeup

This week I decided I wanted to switch to natural makeup. I did this for several reasons:

  1. I’m trying to be more aware of what I eat, drink, put on my skin and use in my home.
  2. I’m trying to cut down on plastic packaging etc.
  3. Sometimes simple really is best.

So, because life isn’t complicated enough, I thought I’d try to make my own makeup.

The internet is saturated with blogs and pictures of ‘perfection’ and ‘success’ which so often makes others feel inadequate and in most cases is not reflective of reality. This is not one of those posts…

It’s fair to say my ventures into natural makeup have thus far been a complete and utter failure!

Filled with an unrivalled enthusiasm and complete certainty of my imminent success, envisaging a future me-hair blowing in the wind, radiant skin and eyes to die for… I gathered my ingredients and got started.

My first task was to create a power foundation.

I mixed arrowroot, kaolin clay powder, cocoa and cinnamon together, adding more or less of each to find a tone matching my skin.

I enjoyed the process-it’s not unlike mixing paint colours. However, the powder didn’t apply very well and felt like it wouldn’t last very long either. I don’t normally wear very thick makeup so felt a bit nervous applying more and more.

Natural makeup

Next I made a blush powder from hibiscus powder and arrowroot powder. Again this felt like it wouldn’t last very long and the hibiscus was a lot more brown in colour than I had anticipated. (Note to self-try beetroot powder next time)

These two items not being a complete disaster, I got a bit overconfident and decided to turn some of the foundation into a matching concealer by simply blending it with melted coconut oil.

The result was the most delicious smelling chocolate/cinnamon cookie dough type mixture which was about ten shades darker than the original foundation and absolutely would not apply. (This served as a great lesson in life and one that I frequently need reminding of- always engage brain and consider grounding self before embarking on any project)

Next, I moved onto a simple tinted lip balm using a lip balm I’d previously made. I melted this down and added hibiscus powder. The result was far too dark again and very, very grainy, to the point that you could see clumps of hibiscus. Not a great look.

Finally onto the eyes….

My homemade mascara actually went quite well. I combined charcoal powder with aloe vera gel and some vitamin E oil.

It needed a couple of applications but looked as good as my usual branded mascara.

Sadly, after the excitement of my frantic and poorly planned makeup creating escapade I fell asleep in the evening with my makeup still on and woke up to chunks of charcoal in my eyes, which wasn’t very pleasant.

Ultimately, I did manage to create a full face of natural makeup and there wasn’t much difference between the end result and my normal ‘made-up’ face. (I normally go for a fairly natural look anyway)

But-as I was walking down the road to collect the kids from school I couldn’t help but feel a bit nervous that everyone else was seeing someone who had spent the last hour covering their face in cookie dough….

Natural makeup

  • Lessons for next time:
    • Grind all powders to extra extra fine
      Engage brain and remove self from clouds
    • Do a bit more research
    • Set aside more time to experiment
    • Don’t switch to ‘cookie dough’ makeup whilst embarking on a diet
  • If I have more success in the future I’ll write up all of my improved recipes and some info about the ingredients BUT for now-if anyone has advice about making natural makeup I’d love to hear it. Likewise-any recommendations on good, affordable, ethical and natural makeup brands would be greatly appreciated!
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