Into the Wild Gathering 2018

We’ve just reluctantly returned from our week in the wilderness, the beginning of which was spent at the Into the Wild Gathering in East Sussex.

Festival kids

Considering we had been keen to do this for the last three years, we weren’t disappointed.

Being drugs and alcohol free, Into the Wild is a very family friendly festival and as such is full of children of a similar ilk to our grubby little urchins. However, there’s plenty to please all ages, from fairy gardens in the woods to the relaxing and enlightening wellness field, blacksmithing and wild craft skills to mask making.

The atmosphere was as beautiful as the surroundings, with the festival attracting a vibrant and friendly community.

Yoga with Uncle R

The food was incredible and starting the morning with a warm cup of chai was heaven!

The kids particularly enjoyed the wise owl woods, eco friendly graffiti, harassing the Tibetan monks with an undying list of questions, the kids’ tent and of course spending time with their very lovely auntie and uncle! Although the afternoon spent wallowing in a muddy puddle was also a highlight…

Chakra baby in the garden

I managed to attend a very interesting talk on communicating with animals by Noemie Rimmer (albeit with sleeping toddler on my back) and a baby massage session by Alexia Rowely which my youngest must have loved as she managed to stay fairly still for most of it (possibly due to her great affinity with nudity…).

Both of these women were great teachers, easy to listen to and were clearly very nurturing, peaceful women both skilled in their own field of loveliness! I’d definitely recommend looking them up (see links above) if you’re interested in either subject.

Kids with sunset

Ending the day roasting marshmallows on the central fire, absorbed in the mesmerising sound of drums whilst the full moon rose in the sky was the most incredible experience for anyone who’s a bit wild at heart, and if that’s all I experienced at the festival I would have gone home happy!

However, the whole family’s favourite memory was falling asleep to the sound of Dad’s bizarre story telling, musicians playing in the distance and raindrops on the roof of our beautiful tent.

Thank you to all who made the weekend so special-we’ll be back next year!

Into the Wild summer festival

Photo credit to the fabulous Venetia H-P due to 3 mysterious phone deaths in the gang…

Click here to see details of upcoming Into the Wild events


  1. Oh Kate it was so great! What a lovely article too 🙂 I read it in bed this morning before I got up and it inspired me to start the day with a homemade chai tea and some lovely relaxing Indian music 😊 what a glorious start to the day!
    Loads of love to you and your gorgeous family and let’s do next year with baby HP! xxxx


    1. Sounds like the perfect way to start the day!!I’m missing waking up to my tent neighbour’s music…you’ll have to let me know what you’re listening to!can’t wait to storm Into the Wild next year as a bigger and scarier tribe with baby!!!xxx


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