The dream…

‘My wish is to stay always like this, living quietly in a corner of nature’.

-Claude Monet

Bell tent in the sunshine

The sound of crickets next to our heads, red kites circling above, lazy cuddles and adventure planning with one of my brood and of course the cat cleaning his bum…

Separated from nature only by canvas, simple living and fresh air-just add a handful of kids, my favourite man and the dog and there you have it! Perfection!

I’m not so sure the others would feel the same way though, so until I can persuade them to join me on a nomadic adventure I’m sure the summer will do!

UPDATE: This peaceful tent has become an outdoor playroom…the addition of 3 more kids, a dog and a lot of bananas may have drowned out the noise of the crickets but I’M still feeling quite chirpy! (for now) Plus it’s doing wonders at calming them down-I think they weren’t made for domestication!

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