‘The Fox and the Star’ and ‘The Worm and the Bird’


I love to read to my kids before they go to bed.  I like them to have some very special books to teach them to respect their belongings and to encourage an excitement for reading.

This review is of two books by the same author.  They certainly come under the category of special books and are without a doubt my favourite young children’s books.

The books are ‘The Worm and the Bird’ and ‘The Fox and the Star’ by Coralie Bickford-Smith.

I recently discovered that Bickford-Smith is the artist responsible for the beautiful cover artwork for the Penguin clothbound classics which have caused my husband to ban me from bookshops in fear of bankruptcy and book-overload!

‘The Worm and the Bird’ is a comparison of the life of a bird and the life of a worm, encouraging readers to live for the moment and enjoy the gifts that life brings!

‘The Fox and the Star’ tackles the concepts of grief and loss when the star that lights Fox’s way and provides him with companionship disappears.

Both books are unexpectedly deep stories, yet accessible on different levels for different ages.  They certainly provoke an endless torrent of questions from my five year old each time we read them.

Beyond the lovely stories, these nature-based books are filled with the most exquisite illustrations, with simple colour schemes and interesting shapes that jump from the pages.  Coralie Bickford-Smith has found a way to make words and images work as one, which just adds to the excitement and intrigue felt at the turn of each page.

These are the kind of books that I find myself poring over long after the kids have gone to bed.  As a nature-obsessive, an artist, a book-lover and a mum I find them endlessly inspiring!

Find out more about Coralie Bickford-Smith at www.cb-smith.com or follow her on Instagram @coraliebickfordsmith to see her incredible artwork.

I don’t get paid to review books or products. These reviews are my personal opinions and thoughts and I’d like to think that they are totally unbiased and without any motive other than sharing enjoyment with others.



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